Romanic house

The so called Romanic house is a two storey house situated just off the Marafor square, along the Decumanus, the main street of Poreč. It represents a very rare example of housing architecture from the Romanic period. The house was built in the 13th century. It was expanded and renewed several times whilst major interventions probably happened in the 18th century. In that phase the second floor was converted and a balcony was added. Although a recognizable motif, the balcony belongs to a later period and therefore cannot be considered part of the original building. With a restauration undertaken in 1926, the changes made to the house during past interventions, were entirely kept. Despite the many modifications that happened to the house, it has still preserved the original characteristics of a Romanic building. The floor plan is regular and simple, without internal dividing walls. The building material consisted in roughly trimmed stone blocks. The facade window is a typical romanic biphora. Until World War II, the building was part of a housing block that was demolished in bombing attacks and never reconstructed. The Romanic house todays stands as an independent building.

Informations for visitors:

Romanic house

Marafor 1, 52440, Poreč

Entry: closed

Visit by appointment.