Pentagonal tower

The pentagonal tower is a fortification next to where the town gate was once situated. It is on the beginning of the main street of Poreč, the Decumanus, on a spot that from the ancient time served as a demarcation line between the city and the ager. The current shape of the tower dates back in 1447, under the ruling of the podesta' Nicolo de Lion. Its coat of arms with the initials was engraved on the eastern top side of the wall. Above the coat of arms there is a lion with wings, symbol of the Venetian power, with a text in latin from the gospel of St. Matthew: Fecite iustitiam et dabo pacem in finibus vestris. The builder of the tower was Iohannes de Pari, while his son Lazaro shaped the lion relief where he engraved their names as well. This is the only example on the Eastern Adriatic coast, of a Venetian lion having the names of the creators engraved. The town gate, together with other parts of the old town, were fortified back in the Ancient period. Archaeologists have determined that the tower was rebuilt and upgraded several times from the ancient to the medieval era. In front of the pentagonal tower stood another square shaped one. Together with the town gate, it was demolished in the 19th century after it lost its defensive function.

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