Istrian parliament hall

The building known as Istrian parliament was in fact the St.Francis church, built in the 13th century. It is situated in the northwestern side of the Poreč peninsula, on the foundations of an early Christian church of St.Thomas, from the 5th century. St.Francis church was built in early gothic style. Attached to the church, there was also a monastery with a garden, later demolished. During the renovation of the building in the 18th century, the Franciscan complex has gone through many changes. The bell tower along the abside was demolished in 1686 an rebuilt between 1708 and 1731 in a baroque manner. In 1751, an artist from Bologna, Giuseppe Montevinti, decorates the ceiling of the church with frescos in Rococo' stile (with frescos of the Immaculate conception, St.Francis stigmas, Anthony from Padua's Visions).