The Museum organizes international conferences and participates to many international and national projects.

Researches and meetings gather scientists and researchers that with exchanges of ideas and new studies contribute to the knowledge of the history of the Adriatic space and open up the path to new ideas.


  Zavičajni muzej Poreštine – Museo del territorio parentino


11 – 13/5/2017

8. Istarski povijesni biennale | 8° Biennale storica istriana | 8th Istrian History Biennale

Međunarodni znanstveni skup | Convegno scentifico internazionale | International scientific conference

 Artisani et mercatores:

o obrtnicima i trgovcima na jadranskom prostoru | artigiani e commercianti in area adriatica | About Craftsmen and Merchants in the Adriatic Area