The Association Friends of Giostra was founded in 2008. It operates within the Museum of the Poreč territory. From 2013 it acts as a citizen cultural association. It was founded with the aim to preserve the intangible cultural heritage and to fulfill the touristic offer of Poreč, especially through the Historical festival Giostra. 

The Poreč Historical festival – Giostra started in 2007 and was organized by Studio 053 from Poreč. Shortly afterwards the Association Friends of Giostra was funded, followed by a big interest of the citizens. From 2009 the association become co-organizer of the Giostra festival.

All the activities of the association, as well as the ideas used in the festival, are built on original sources kept at the Museum as well as in many local and international archives, and on the knowledge of early modern history of Poreč. The members are being trained and educated through thematic lectures, workshops and other educational activities. With their performances they bring to life the baroque time. They are dressed in historical costumes, respect the historical and behavioral manners of the time, perform baroque dances, music and tradition…

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