Istria in the great war

Famine, diseases and death

International scientific conference,

Tar/Torre, 10 October 2014

The humanistic society Histria enters the commemorations of the WWI centenary by organizing the International symposium Istria in the great war: famine, diseases, death that will take place in Tar on the 10th of October 2014. Around 20 experts from Italy, Slovenia and Croatia will take part in the symposium by presenting specific areas of the social history in Istria. Istrian society and economy, health and health system as well as demographic changes in war time are the three main themes that are independent and correlated at the same time. The meeting was organized in collaboration with the Italian community „Giovanni Palma“ from Tar and the Istrian historical society together with the Museum of the Poreč territory. It also had the high scientific patronage of the Institute for the history of the national liberation movement in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, the Institute of History Milko Kos of the research center of the Slovenian academy of arts and science and the Croatian scientific society for history of health. The event had as well the support of all the main comitees for commemoration of the WWI centenary of the three participating states (Hrvatski odbor obilježavanja stogodišnjice Prvoga svjetskog rata, Presidenza del Consiglio - Struttura di missione per gli anniversari di interesse nazionale, Nacionalni odbor za obeležitev 100-letnic 1. svetovne vojne).

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